Chartwell Casinos

May 14, 2014


As a casino platform, Chartwell focuses most of its attention on no-download games. Because of this emphasis, those who don't know often assume that Chartwell is a relative newcomer. But Chartwell has been around since 1998, and over the years, they have played an important role in innovating no-download gambling for the home computer as well as other devices, such as smartphones, PDAs and even physical gambling machines for real casinos.

Chartwell Casino Games & Atmosphere

Since Chartwell doesn't usually aim to create a complete casino experience, the host generally dictates the atmosphere. If you're playing a standalone game, it might feel a lot like any old Flash game. But if you're playing a Chartwell game at Betfair, for instance, than it has all the ambience and atmosphere that Betfair offers.

Likewise, this emphasis on no-download gaming heavily influences game selection. You won't find a comprehensive poker range, for instance. You will find stud and three-card along with blackjack and a host of other card games that are well suited to this environment. Chartwell also offers video poker, craps, American and European roulette, an excellent selection of soft slots and a wide range of specialty games.

Chartwell uses excellent 2D, and in some cases 3D, graphics. They also offer excellent, non-repetitive music and sound effects. Since it's a no-download client, each game has a small footprint, and the games are incredibly stable and secure. Some casinos integrate Chartwell in a way that they are no longer available as no-download game, but that's rare.

Chartwell Promotions & Banking

Chartwell uses CyberBanx, which is its own proprietary banking system that is simple to use and offers a good array of options. Standalone Chartwell games and some Chartwell casinos will use this, but casinos that integrate Chartwell into a larger framework often use their own system. Chartwell does not license USA casinos or support US players. But many of the best soft casinos use this software, at least to a degree. Some are no-deposit casinos, and many provide lucrative promotion and loyalty packages.

Chartwell Pros

  • Perhaps the best no-download software available
  • Super convenient for playing just one game
  • Never bothered by updates or stability issues

Chartwell Cons

  • Some Chartwell casinos force download
  • Could use greater diversity in some games, such as poker
  • Graphic and sound quality varies sharply on some machines