Rival Casinos for US players

October 20, 2016


Rival Gaming established itself in 2006 as a casino software developer with a unique vision. They wanted to create a platform, called Rival Powered, where the casino games had many of the aspects that made other video games so appealing. The first example of this vision was i-Slots, which is a slots game with an optional story mode. The point of the story is to immerse players the way books, movies and other video games do.

Casino Games & Atmosphere

It was clear from the start the Rival had a good understanding of how to balance being an authentic casino experience with an online gaming experience that is convenient and fun to play. The graphics are some of the most polished in the business, and they even give you options to change felt colors, wood grains and so forth. The sound isn’t spectacular, but at least it’s diverse and therefore never becomes obnoxious.

The one knock against Rival Gaming right now is their game diversity. Here’s the good news: Rival understands quality, and they are taking their time adding new games to their portfolio. The downside to that is that a Rival Powered casino feels a little sparse compared to most modern online casinos. Rival offers their i-Slots, a good selection of soft slots and video poker, two versions of blackjack and two versions of roulette.


& Banking

Rival has its own banking system that licensees can use or they can use their own. The Rival system is easy to use, but it lacks diversity. However, it is quite rewarding to those that bank by credit or debit card because Rival gives you an automatic anytime 10% deposit bonus when you do. Rival licenses USA casinos, and they have full support for USA players. Rival is still relatively new, so their i-Slots aren’t in all the best soft casinos yet. But many of their casinos are no-deposit casinos and boast a good selection of promotions. They don’t host tournaments yet though.


  • Groundbreaking approach to online casino games
  • Offers the graphics and sound to match that approach
  • Client is fun, powerful and super stable


  • Platform is not widely accessible yet
  • Rival lacks focus on traditional versions of slots
  • Client is demanding and does not run well on older systems