Top Game Casinos

October 20, 2016

Top Game

Top Game is a relatively new software developer that provides a casino platform as well as a wide array of related business services. Top Game uses the slogan: The Age of Gaming. And they are very much an aggressive casino developer in that they are attempting to close the gap between casino games and other video games. Their next-gen client is particularly impressive. It provides both a complete 2D and 3D experience, yet is tiny in size, fast to install and operates with the smoothness and efficiency of much less ambitious casino platforms.

Casino Games & Atmosphere

Top Game uses clear, bright, polished graphics to create an excellent casino atmosphere. You really get a sense of sitting at a blackjack table, for instance. In the case of blackjack, sound effects are good and seem natural. In other parts of the experience, the sound is either off or repetitive, and that detracts from the atmosphere. Top Game is also lacking background music in many cases. Some gamers will prefer this while others will find it odd.

Like many of these new casino platforms with a focus on modernization, growth is slow. After all, it takes time to build up high-quality game portfolios. The good news is that the basics are all there along with their most common variants. You’ll find a good selection of slots and video poker, and Top Game has craps, a couple of blackjack games, American and European roulette and so forth. Top Game has also been adding games consistently.

Promotions & Banking

Top Game licenses USA casinos, and it supports US players, but some Top Casinos do not. Although Top Game casinos are small in number, plenty are among the best soft casinos, and many of them are no-deposit casinos. Top Game does not yet support tournaments for soft slots or any other games. They do, however, usually boast an excellent promotion structure. These promotions include in-game bonuses, reload bonuses, large welcome bonuses, VIP programs, monthly prizes, network-powered progressives and so forth.


  • Perhaps the best 3D casino graphics
  • Deep menu and customization system
  • The instant play version is fast, stable and not missing features


  • Download client requires forces updates and full installation
  • The software needs a fairly modern system
  • The music and sound effects are non-existent or dull