Wizard Gaming Casinos

October 20, 2016

Wizard Gaming

Wizard Gaming launched in 2006 as the United Kingdom’s newest online casino platform. But Wizard Gaming isn’t UK-only. In fact, they cater to a worldwide audience including the US. That’s been an important aspect of their success, but more important has been their aesthetic approach. Simply put, Wizard Gaming casinos just look and feel different from other casinos. Their games are loud and colorful, and they put the emphasis on fun.

Casino Games & Atmosphere

So far, Wizard Gaming has been a soft slots-centric platform, and so the atmosphere is very slots-centric. And that’s a good thing for players who enjoy slots. Wizard Gaming creates gorgeous graphics, and they have an excellent handle on theme diversity and symbol sets. The music is fun, and the sound effects are diverse and authentic. All of this combines to create real slots machine aisle ambience.

Nevertheless, this focus on slots has limited the Wizard Gaming game portfolio, and has likely kept it from having a presence in more of the best soft casinos. This isn’t a bad thing if you’re a slots-only player, but right now, Wizard Gaming casinos leave a lot to be desired for everyone else. Wizard Gaming does provide in-client previews of upcoming games, and some of these suggest a broader focus in the future.

Wizard Gaming only offers one version of their software. It requires a ~10MB download, and it only supports the Windows OS. There is no way for Mac and Linux users to access Wizard Gaming. Despite this limitation, the client is extremely fast. It does install everything, but it updates without disrupting the user.

Promotions & Banking

Wizard Gaming has a built-in banking system with a wide range of options that typically have low deposit requirements. But some of their less common banking options have much larger minimums, which makes them unusable to the player taking the casino for a test run. Wizard Gaming deals directly in the pound, euro and US dollar, they license USA casinos and they have full support for US players. They also power a lucrative promotion package. Many Wizard Gaming casinos are no-deposit casinos, and they all offer a diverse range of bonuses.


  • Commitment to refining the player experience
  • UI is powerful yet easy to master
  • Some excellent twists on classic games


  • Does not yet offer an instant play version
  • Outside of slots, game selection is still thin
  • Addition of new games has been slow going so far