3 Reel Slots

March 23, 2015

The original three reel slot is something that actually originated in San Francisco before the turn of the 20th Century. These slot machines were fun little games that were played down by the water in the one of the most progressive cities in America. However, these slot machines have progressed over time to become much more complicated. This is a brief history of how the three reel slot went from a trinket by the bay in San Francisco to a game that people can play for big money.

The First 3 Reel Games

The first classis 3 reelers were played in California, but they moved quickly to Las Vegas as the city grew into the gambling mecca that it is today. These machines were still very simple, and they only started using five reels in the 1950s. Even movie portrayals of the casinos in pictures like Oceans 11 and Diamonds Are Forever show that the casinos were very basic operations. They made a great deal of money, but the machines were not that complex.

The New Generation of Reel Mechanical Games

Newer machines in the casinos in Vegas today could have as many 20 or 25 paylines. They are so big that people have a hard time keeping up, and this makes the house odds much better. However, the action is so enticing that people will keep playing these games for hours on end. The slots when from a machine that one spent a penny on to machines that will take up to five dollars. People can play cheap penny slots in the airport in Vegas, or they can plunk down quarters or nickels in the casinos.

3 Reels Online

Online casinos were in vogue as soon as people figured out how to make money on them. These casinos are money machines that allow people to play games for pay or for free. You could play amazingly complicated slot machines online that are nothing like the machines in a real casino. You simply need to make sure that you are playing a game that you understand. You can even place bets on your paylines to make more money.

Betting options in Classic 3 Reel Games

Slot machines were never seen as traditional gambling because you were not making any decisions. You decided to pull the slot, but you did not decide to do anything else. You simply played the game to your heart's content. In today's online slot machines, you will be able to place bets on the paylines to see if you can win extra money. You will win if you hit the right paylines, but you will also multiply your winnings if you hit the paylines that you have bet on.

When you go into a casino, you are playing games that started long ago. They have been updated over the years to make them more interesting, but there is still something very nice about the fact that a slot machine can be so basic. You can play a cheap slot in the airport or log on online to play a slot machine that allows you to bet like you are playing poker.