Parlay Slots

March 27, 2014


Parlay has been a major player in the online gambling industry since the mid-1990s. The Parlay platform, which is now in its fifth incarnation, is widely used, and it has provided innovations used throughout the industry. Parlay is most famous for its 75- and 90-ball bingo games, and that fame sometimes obscures just how prolific the company has been in other aspects. Nowhere is this more evident than in their development of virtual slot machines.

Parlay Slots

With Parlay 5, Parlay Entertainment now offers more than 50 slot machines, and the majority of those machines include rich progressive jackpots. Parlay also handles theme diversity quite well, and they usually only use a theme and symbol set once or twice; many of their slots have a variant machine. Parlay is also quite effective at developing proprietary soft slots for their clients, many of which are some of the best soft casinos in the industry.

One aspect that is holding Parlay back is diversity in terms of coin size ranges, multiline play and bonus features. Few of their machines offer an auto-play feature or a $0.01 coin size. In addition, scatter symbols and bonus games, both on the reel and on the side, are rare. Wild symbols are one aspect that Parlay does do particularly well, and many of their machines do incorporate them. Progressive jackpots are what Parlay does best when it comes to slots, so Parlay is a particularly good option for slots players who prefer this type of machine.

Parlay Promotions & Banking

The Parlay software fully supports US players, and all of their casinos clients are fully functional USA casinos. Non-US players should note that the Parlay transacts entirely in the US dollar. It also focuses mainly on credit card banking, and some significant financial options, such as Western Union and PayPal, are simply not available. On the plus side, most Parlay casinos are no-deposit casinos and offer lucrative welcome and reload bonuses.

Parlay Pros

  • Awesome payouts rates and progressive jackpots
  • Excellent diversity among slot machines
  • Vibrant, non-repetitive graphics, music and sound effects

Parlay Cons

  • Limited banking options
  • Not enough bonus feature coverage
  • Limited gaming options outside bingo and slots