Microgaming Casinos

July 24, 2019

Microgaming is one of leaders in softwares of online casinos. Microgaming software runs the largest progressive jackpot at Net.

  • over 150 casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls
  • more than 300 microgaming slot machines including all basic types - video, bonus, classic, progressive
  • 3-4 new microgaming slots every month
  • slots tournaments on the web
  • bonus promotions (daily, monthly, sign up)
  • progressive jackpot network on 25 online games


Established in 1994, Microgaming has achieved an impressive status within the industry, and many recognize them as a standard in performance, intuitiveness and diversity. Microgaming has also created many techniques for server stability and security that the entire industry leverages today. The one common knock against Microgaming is that their graphics lag behind the times, and while this has been a valid complaint in the past, Microgaming has started to change that with the introduction of the Viper software all while maintaining their emphasis on playability.

Microgaming Casino Games & Atmosphere

The neatest aspect of Microgaming is that they put an emphasis on social networking long before anyone called it that. In addition to providing fast, high-quality games, they have always worked hard to make their base feel like a true community. Interestingly, that has done more to create the unique Microgaming atmosphere than any graphics, music or sound effects ever have.

In terms of sheer game variety, Microgaming's selection of 400+ casino games is still unmatched. Such a large number might suggest poor individual game quality, but that isn't the case. Microgaming has developed and refined this huge library of games over time. Microgaming is particularly well known for its selection of slots, which is one of the greatest collections of soft slots available anywhere.

From the player perspective, the Microgaming software is a solid offering. It's convenient, intuitive, stable and secure. There is also instant play and Web-based software available for most of their games. The graphics and sound are diverse and sharp but a little outdated at times. There are some issues, such as pregame video clips and a lack of update and download control.

Microgaming Promotions & Banking

Microgaming does support US players and license USA casinos. However, that doesn't mean that all Microgaming casinos accept US players, and many do not. Microgaming also includes a comprehensive banking platform that is extremely accessible to clients. In addition to being among the best soft casinos, many Microgaming casinos are no-deposit casinos. They also typically offer a tremendous promotion structure, which includes deposit bonuses, tournaments and loyalty programs.

Microgaming Pros

  • Truly awesome game selection
  • Some excellent twists on classic games
  • Bonus and jackpot range matches game selection

Microgaming Cons

  • Forced videos become annoying
  • Software updates can be frequent and obtrusive
  • Fun mode no longer available when you upgrade your account